How to Get There

Thornton, Lake Eildon, Victoria. 2 Hours North East of Melbourne.
Address will come with ticket purchase

Surrounded by rolling mountain ranges and set in a beautiful valley we will call home for 3 days.


We have plenty of room on our new site, but try to consider carpooling. Stay in touch on the event page to find travel buddies for the adventure ahead.

Please remember that everything that comes with you must leave with you! We welcome couches and funky theme camps, but we are a small crew of volunteers that run this event so please leave no trace.



If you do not have a car we are still easy to get to the 684 Eildon – Melbourne via Lilydale┬átrain station will drop you off at Thornton Hotel where you can wet your whistle with a cold beverage and hang out with the locals until the festival shuttle arrives to transport you to the site.