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Event Details & Vibe

Tanglewood is a family friendly boutique music and arts festival held 2 hours North East from Melbourne in Thornton, Lake Eildon over New Years Eve, 30th December – 2nd January. Tanglewood boasts an extremely diverse range of artistic pursuits, attempting to showcase all the beautiful cultures and subcultures and nooks and cranny's rippling through our community.

Tanlgewood Festival is a festival that gets back to the roots. It is not trying to sell out, the numbers are capped to ensure a good family vibe. It is not about the sponsors or headliners, it is about the quality of music and art that we surround ourselves with and can mostly be found locally in your own backyard, local bar or basement. 

Every dollar made is spent on production, artists and interactive activities. If prices go up it's to make the event better and not have to sell more tickets. The crew working this event are still volunteering their time to make this event happen every year.

We aim to draw people from any and all walks of life and aim to accommodate this. Entire families are encouraged and supported and we aim to maintain a family-friendly environment to enable families to attend with ease.

There are 2 stages with over 30 hours of music, acoustic, blues, funk, folk, reggae, rock n roll, metal, hip hop, dub, electronic, glitch, bass, drum n bass, trance and techno. Supported by amazing art gallery and art installations, workshops, roving performers,  children's activity space, healing space, jam space, craft market, bar and street food. 

Tanglewood Festival offers a range of activities and workshops during the event and has a big kid's space with a family-friendly vibe. The market hosts a range of food and crafts from all over but tries to source as locally as possible.

We are BYO but have a STRICTLY NO GLASS policy to keep our patrons safe. We also have a bar selling local craft beers, cider and wine.

NO DICKHEADS, Tanglewood is a safe space for everyone. Bad or illegal behaviour, making people feel unsafe or uncomfortable, messy campsites and trespassers (sneak ins) will not be tolerated. It is a condition of entry to follow all the rules, terms and conditions of Tanglewood Festival, found at Please read what to bring and what not to bring before attending. 


Tanglewood Festival prides itself on our minimal carbon footprint for an event of its size. We have a ban on plastic water bottles, NOS (nangs), cheap costumes and glitter. We encourage and applaud all our patrons for previous efforts of taking all rubbish/waste home and leaving our event site the cleanest we have ever seen after a festival.

We love to see patrons bring their own reusable cups, water bottles, plates and cutlery. We are phasing out all single-use crockery and are taking radical steps because we know our patrons care as much as we do and understand that radical steps are what we need right now. We ask that everyone bring their own crockery, cutlery and cups as there will be a small charge to use the ones provided.

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