Matt Dwellers

Matt Dwellers

Dwelling within deep and darkened atmospheres but conveyed with luminous glow. Matt Dwellers’ sound grows through emotion, experience and enthusiasm for creation. Pushing personal boundaries of expansion by means of merging genres, with a result of brilliant moodiness. Melancholic elements often overthrown by brilliant melodies, Matt’s creation’s fall within a range of deep progressive and psychedelic minimal styles.

Born and bred in France, Matt ventured to Melbourne where the inspiration of the local scene and Australian doofing culture set in. Since then his growth has been exponential, releasing consistently with Aftertech Records, Bassic Records, Techgnosis Records, Inlab Recordings and Undergroove Music, amongst many others, including a recent signing to Danish progressive giant Iboga Records. Tastemakers have caught on, with his tracks premiered by 8day Montreal, Soundspace and Progressive Astronaut, showing their support to the Matt Dwellers journey.

Taking his creations to the crowds, Matt has featured throughout Australia at festivals including: Rabbits Eat Lettuce, Yemaya, Earthcore, Forgotten Kingdom, Maitreya; and with renowned clubs and brands, primarily: Capulet (Brisbane), Bassic Records, Church Of Techno and Aphotic Warehouse (Sydney), Doesn’t Matter, Black Market, Recovery Collective, Railway Hotel and Beyond Surreal (Melbourne). His international endeavours have led to guest spots DJing in Colombia’s massive El Mira Dor, as well as Lotus Club (Belgium) and with Berlinpinpin (Paris).

Collaboratively inclined and productively unrestricted, Matt works with numerous international and local producers, emitting creative flow through a roster of like-minded comrades. Matt Dwellers has remixed, been remixed by or collaborated with Nick Devon, Ken Zo, Doppel, Ark-E-Tech, Gabriel Moraes, Frezel, Luis M, Maxi Basshead, Ben Rama, Crenwiick, Longalenga, Sisscok, Monotreme (Storm), Diamandy and more.

Outside of production and performance, Matt sets out to expose fresh Australian talent through his new Melbourne based pop-up party brand “DIVE”, following from his successful series of mini festivals including Qube, Doof D’ouf and The Other Side