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Tanglewood Festival strives to make everyone stay as comfortable as possible. There is accessible camping provided with access to water, power and accessible toilets. Please complete the form so we can better support you in your needs or feel free to contact us to discuss how we can support you. 

There will be an express lane allocated at the gate for our registered accessible camp patrons. 

We have worked hard to remove rocks and flatten the ground as much as possible, it is an open paddock so patrons requiring movement support please be mindful of this. 

Accessible toilet facilities will be fitted with a coded locks, please see one of the friendly operations team when you arrive so that you can be given the code. 


There is a dedicated family & Accessible camping zone close to the action with access to power, water and accessible toilet facilities. We are also setting up a community kitchen with washing facilities to make it easier for patrons needing extra support & families to cater for their little ones. 

There will be allocated family camping in quieter areas of camping, however, they will not have access to the same facilities and kitchen. 

Friends are permitted to camp with you in the Accessible & family camping area, but please be mindful that these zones are allocated to cater for registered patrons with accessible needs & families and we will only be including limited extra space for friends. We suggest arriving early and securing positions close by for friends if you have a large group. 

Support Worker Discounts 

Please contact to ask about what discounts are offered to registered support workers with valid victorian cards. 

Medical services 

There is a medical centre staffed 24 hours a day with a doctor through peak hours and on call for the event. If you have any conditions that may require some extra medical attention over the event please pop your head in and say hi to one of the lovely staff and let them know how we can support you.

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