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Final Release tickets out now!


Ticket Type

Car Pass ($25.00 + bf)

A car pass is required for each vehicle that enters the site

E̶a̶r̶l̶y̶ B̶i̶r̶d̶ (̶$̶3̶0̶5̶.0̶0̶ +̶ b̶f̶)̶

G̶e̶n̶e̶r̶a̶l̶ R̶e̶l̶e̶a̶s̶e̶ (̶$̶3̶2̶5̶.0̶0̶ +̶ b̶f̶)̶

Final Release ($355.00 + bf)

Children under 5yo (Free) 

Children between 6yo - 12yo $50.00

Children between 13yo - 14yo $150.00

(Paid on gate please complete children registration form.)

Children 15yo - 17yo NOT PERMITTED please contact for more information on bringing children aged 15 - 17yo. 


After Pay & name changes are available. 

Accessible camping is available, please complete registration form to ensure we have catered for your needs. 

For more information on family & accessible camping options & facilities, support and information please email

For ticket related issues please contact 



30th of December - 11am - 12am 

31st of December - 9am - 10pm

1st of January - 9am - 7pm 

2nd of January - GATES CLOSED, all public leave by 12pm

Ticket Information & Conditions of entry

Over 18s Event (exempt children under 14yo accompanied by parents) 

BYO event, but strictly NO GLASS, No (removable) Mirrors

NO BBQs, gas bottles, fire toys (LEDs OK), No candles, no incense, OR OPEN FLAMES, items will be confiscated on entry. 
Please See what to bring, what not to bring rules terms and conditions for more details. 

NO DICKHEADS, Tanglewood is a safe space for everyone. Bad behaviour, making people feel unsafe or uncomfortable and trespassers will not be tolerated. It is a condition of entry to follow all the rules, terms and conditions of Tanglewood Festival, found at Please read what to bring and what not to bring before attending. 


No refunds will be given on ticket purchases. Please see conditions of ticket sales found at Tickets are transferable through the ticket page only and with a valid name change all tickets must match valid photo ID. If the event is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances or severe weather out of the festival's control the event will be postponed. Tickets will be transferred to the allocated postponement date. If you are unable to attend the postponement date or the event is canceled and unable to be postponed, the event may withhold part of the total purchase amount with a minimum of 80% of the ticket purchase price less the booking fee (depending on funds already used) will be refunded to all valid ticket holders. 

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