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Workers and Volunteers


Volunteer applications are still CLOSED!
Worker applications still CLOSED!

Volunteering Application Guide

Tanglewood Music and Arts Festival, 30th of December to the 2nd of January. Set in the stunning backdrop of rolling hills only 2 hours North East of Melbourne.

Our mission, to create a fun, safe and affordable place to celebrate New Year’s Eve while supporting young Australian up and coming and already established musicians, artists and performers.

It takes an extraordinary number of dedicated people to put on a festival such as this and we really appreciate you wanting to be one of those people.

Take your time to fill in the form as completely as possible. Incomplete applications will not be accepted and be sure to read the application guidelines before filling out the application form so you understand what is expected.

There are many vacancies to fill, so please state what you are most interested in and where your talents are best used. However with the immense talent that makes up our community, you can’t be guaranteed you will get a position doing what you love.


We may require everyone to purchase a ticket a deposit in the form of a ticket or credit card give credit card details up front and then you will be refunded after completing your shifts at the festival.

Info on how to purchase a volunteer ticket will be sent with your confirmation, but if you want to be sure to secure one before they sell out purchase ticket.

Please read volunteer application guidelines before you apply.

Your application will not be accepted without:

  • All current contact info (address, phone number, email, Facebook)

  • Digital copy or clear photo of photo ID (Passport or Australian License)

  • Uploads of any relevant certificates

What We Expect

As a volunteer, you are expected to show up on time for your allocated shifts. If you have any problems with the shifts allocated to you are advised to contact your team leader before the event starts, do not wait until you are there.

You will need to purchase a ticket and money will be refunded straight after the event when you have completed your shifts OR a valid Credit card might be used at the event. If you have already purchased a full-price ticket your money will be refunded after the completion of shifts.

Volunteers are working for the cost of their ticket. This will usually consist of 12 hours of work during the event. No meals will be included for event volunteer work. Or 2 – 3 days of work pre or post-event for setting up and packing down the festival. Meals will be included in set-up or pack-down shifts. 

The volunteer is responsible for themselves you must bring sleeping gear, a tent, appropriate clothing sun smart and closed shoes (preferably boots) to work in.

Selection Process

We prefer applicants with experience so please do not forget to mention any previous experience, and attach any certificates and qualifications such as RSA, White card, First Aid etc. If you do not have these things it doesn’t mean you will not be accepted, everyone has to start somewhere but you may not get your desired job.

Contracts, rules terms and conditions

Successful applicants will be sent contract, you will be required to complete and return this as confirmation and for your shifts to be allocated. All workers and volunteers are expected to read and follow all general rules and terms and conditions of entry set by the Tanglewood festival. 

All volunteers are required to complete an induction before arriving at the site to gain an entry ticket. 


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