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We want everyone to feel safe coming for help if they need it and we have engaged the best of event emergency services and Dancewize to attend the event and help send everyone home safely.


We encourage all that attend Tanglewood if you ever witness something that makes you or others feel unsafe or uncomfortable to let a staff member or the info tent know so that we can avoid it happening again or escalating. We also hope that everyone looks out for each other, we will all be mates by the end of the weekend! Never wait to come for help! Nothing is too small or silly, no one will be turned away or judged. If someone needs help please find a staff member, attend medical, dancewize, info (most spaces will have radio coms) to ensure the right response is sent for you. Or if you just need a chat or a cup of tea we are here for you and will support you in any way we can. 

Tanglewood is a safe space for everyone. Bad or illegal behaviour, making people feel unsafe or uncomfortable, messy campsites and trespassers (sneak ins) will not be tolerated and may trigger the eviction policy. It is a condition of entry to follow all the rules, terms and conditions of Tanglewood Festival, and read what to bring and what not to bring before attending. 


We have Guarded Group Security to help keep you safe over the event period. Remember our no dickhead policy, anyone who does not bring the good vibes or behaves in an antisocial manner will be escorted off site without a refund.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable with someone’s behaviour please let one of our security or staff know immediately. We are all here to help, and there will be a security member stationed at first aid all night and roving through the festival site. If you can not see a security or crew member, just ask a fellow patron for help to find someone. It might be nothing but if you do not feel safe letting someone know is the best option and no harm can come of that.

First Aid

The closest emergency center is over an hour away, if you or one of your friends does not feel okay or is showing signs of illness or exhaustion, immediately let first aid know, our medical staff highly experienced and very friendly.

Medical Edge Australia are engaged with a fully staffed and resourced medical centre including a doctor and operational 24 hours. In the case of an emergency, Medical Edge will call ‘000’ emergency services and assist until their arrival. We strongly advise that all patrons attending the event have ambulance cover as Tanglewood Festival organisers will not be responsible for any costs incurred for an emergency ambulance call out.

Also be sure you bring any medication you might need as there is no pharmacy in the local township. If you have asthma and/or allergies please come prepared with your medication and present to First Aid early if you are concerned or experiencing difficulty.


DanceWize is a program run by harm reduction Victoria (HRVIC), funded by DHS. They offer accurate information, education to patrons, a place to seek sanctuary at the festival and support for the medical staff. Most DanceWize staff have a mental first-aid certificate. They are equipped with radios and focus their teams on roving the campgrounds, providing extra eyes on the ground.

Fire Station 

The fire team will be operational 24 hours during the event. Patrols of the campgrounds and event area will ensure the safety of all persons. Qualified staff, equipped with resources, fire suppression units and a fire truck.


To ensure everyone feels safe to get behind the wheel and make the journey home, Blow Me First will be set up at the event. 

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