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Tanglewood Festival is a family-friendly event, it is over 18s however up to 14yo are welcome accompanied by a parent.


There is a dedicated family camping zone close to the action with access to power, water and accessible toilet facilities. We are also setting up a community kitchen with washing facilities to make it easier for families to cater for their little ones. 

There will be allocated family camping in quieter areas of camping, however, they will not have access to the same facilities and kitchen. 

Friends are permitted to camp with you in the family camping area, but please be mindful that these zones are allocated to cater for registered families and we will only be including limited extra space for friends of families. We suggest arriving early and securing positions close by for friends if you have a large group. 

Childrens activities and workshops

The children's play space will be jam packed full of fun activities, workshops, performances, facepainting and so much more to entertain the little ones. There will also be a play space in front of the main stage with sports and other activities to keep them busy while mum and dad get to kick back and enjoy some good tunes on the hill. 

Children's Tickets

All childrens tickets will be paid on the gate. A registration form must be completed at the time of adults ticket purchases to ensure we allocate enough space and activities for families. 

Children under 5yo (Free) 

Children 6yo - 12yo $50.00 

Children 12yo - 14yo $150.00 

Children 15yo - 17yo NOT PERMITTED

contact for more details about bringing children between 15 & 17yo. 


For more information on family & accessible camping options, support and information please email

Bringing Children Rules

  • Children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times.

  • Children's wristbands with a parent’s or legal guardian’s contact number must be worn at all times.

  • No cooking or open flames are permitted on the site, a community kitchen will be set up in the family & accessible camping space for families to access. 

  • All children are expected to follow all rules and terms and conditions the same as any other patron.


We do welcome children, it is a safe family friendly environment for everyone to celebrate in, but it is important to be aware that:

  • It’s a big crowd and they will be camping in the middle of summer with limited facilities for 3 days.

  • Tanglewood Festival is a fun safe environment, but it wasn’t originally designed with children in mind, we have a kid's space with lots of kid's activities, arts, and crafts, storytelling, lego building and workshops and we will introduce more children’s workshops and activity spaces as demand increases. 

  • Children may also be exposed to offensive language or behaviour, the festival organisers take no responsibility for what persons under 18 are exposed to and it is the complete responsibility of the parent or legal guardian. If you experience any offensive behaviour we urge you to contact a staff member to report it so we can continue to make it a safe space for all to attend. 


For any missing persons or children please report to the info tent or a security member immediately. Please keep wristbands on children at all times so that parents can be easily contacted. 

Children Registration Form

You must register all attending children before arriving. To do this, complete the Bringing Children Form and confirm their attendance at the gates on arrival. They will each be provided with their own wristband and welcoming smiles.

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