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Market Stalls



Stall Guidelines

Tanglewood Music and Arts Festival, 30th of December to the 2nd of January. Set in the stunning backdrop of rolling hills only 2 hours North East of Melbourne.

Our mission, to create a fun, safe and affordable place to celebrate New Year’s Eve while supporting young Australian up and coming and already established musicians, artists and performers.

It takes an extraordinary number of dedicated people to put on a festival such as this and we really appreciate you wanting to be one of those people. Whether you are wanting to provide tasty treats, make people look wonderful, paint a face, supply fun toys or fresh produce. Tanglewood Music and Arts Festival is always on the lookout for interesting or local community stalls to get involved.

Take your time to fill in the form as completely as possible. Incomplete applications will not be accepted and be sure to read the application guidelines before filling out the application form so you understand what is expected.

Please be sure to attach all permit, certificate and street trader information in the application email so that it does not get lost. We will simply not accept your application if we do not receive the correct paperwork with it.


Your application will not be accepted without

  • All current promotional material

  • All relevant contact info

  • Your press pack; 2 High quality photos, A biography, any social media sites facebook page, website youtube ect. (this needs to be the correct spelling and how you want it on our social media, it will be automatically uploaded)

  • A full list of power requirements (every appliance and watts including even a phone charger) You will only be allocated what you apply for, so be thorough. 

  • Description of what you are selling, clothing type, menu and price range. This is so we can avoid having similar stalls and have a good range. 

  • A copy of PL Insurance details (ALL STALL HOLDERS)

  • Street Trader membership evidence (Food & Beverage Stalls) 

  • Food Handlers Certificate (Food & Beverage Stalls) 

  • Section 40 or Section 12 permit (Only for food stalls using an open flame or gas for cooking)

Stall Presentation

We need your help to create a beautiful marketplace. We would appreciate your efforts in achieving this. Please bring extra decor, ensure all back of house and vehicles are covered etc. 


Site Fees 

Each accepted food stall must supply 15 vouchers worth $20.00 or 30 vouchers worth $10.00 for drink stalls, as part of their site fee and can purchase additional worker's tickets in exchange for vouchers.

Crew Vouchers

Each Food/Beverage stall is required to supply the event organisers with food/beverage vouchers that they can distribute to their crew or artists.

All food and beverage stalls are required to supply vouchers up to $300 value per stall as part of their site fee.  Example 15 x meal vouchers worth $20 or 20 x meal vouchers worth $15, 30 drink vouchers worth $10. 

You can exchange vouchers for extra worker's tickets. If Tanglewood Festival has exhausted its vouchers they can purchase additional vouchers from the vendors at the cost price of a meal or drink. This can be deducted off site fees or paid for by Tanglewood Festival at the event

Food Stalls

You will receive 3 tickets when your site fee is paid. 

You can exchange extra worker's tickets for food vouchers please contact the market manager to do this. 

Food Stalls 1 extra staff ticket = 15 x meal vouchers worth $20 or 20 x meal vouchers worth $15
Beverage or non-hot food stalls 1 extra staff ticket = 30 x Beverage vouchers worth $10 or 60 x $5.00

Market Stall

You will receive 2 tickets for market stalls once site fees are paid 

Any additional tickets will have to be purchased. 



We provide the stall holders, 2 x 10amp power outlets, water, toilets, limited shower access, compost, recycling and general waste disposal (exempt oil waste disposal, this is the stallholder's responsibility). There is a crew camping area, but stallholders must provide all their own camping equipment.

You will need to provide all your infrastructure and equipment including, marquees, wash facilities, lighting, power cables, tables, and chairs. We really love décor on our festival stalls, please supply photos if you have décor in your setups. Happy for you to extend areas of your stall if you are creating seating or chill spaces for patrons, but YOU MUST CLEAR THIS WITH MANAGEMENT SO WE CAN ENSURE SPACE IS ALLOCATED. 

Prearranged coolrooms can be provided and shared with other vendors to keep your costs down, please speak with the market manager before the event if you would like to arrange this. Please make sure any arrangements are made in writing and payments are invoiced to avoid confusion or things being missed. 


Site fee & payment

100% of your site fee must be received by the 30th of November to keep your site.

A refund will be given if Tanglewood organisers are found at fault for your cancellation. Cancellation with a valid reason before the 15th of November will receive a full refund, Cancelation with a valid reason after the 15th of November will receive 50% deposit back after the 30th of November no refunds will be given.



Subletting or shared stalls are not permitted without the expressed permission in writing from the market coordinator.  


Power Usage

Power usage is an important thing for us to get right, because we are relying on generators to power our site. Not only are you required now to test and tag all your appliances and cables, but we ask for your specific power requirements (in Amps) at the time of application. This will be a contributing factor to your application approval, and power usage will be monitored by our electrical staff on site.

You should be able to work this out easily enough by looking at the label on each appliance or power adaptor and giving us a list of the type of appliance and how many watts it is. This includes each light, or phone charger even the smallest thing can cut power to the site so you need to be thorough.

We will take care of power on site but it is your responsibility as the vendor to supply cable traps,  cover, or hang cables leading through the back of your stall to distribution boards. Cables must not be visible on ground surfaces. You will not be permitted to trade until checked off by a safety officer and if applicable Council EHO. 


Arrival, Departure & Running Times

The event gates open on the 30th of December at 11am and gates close 12pm on the 2nd of January. Market stall setup can commence from 9am on the 29th of December. Stalls must pack down on the 2nd of January. 

Music will run from 3pm to 12am on the 30th of December, 10am to 6am on the 31st/1st, 10am to 11pm on the 1st of January and no music or workshops on the 2nd of January.

Due to our licensing and market area vibe we expect opening times to be adhered to. Of course longer opening times are welcome; this is our minimum requirement. We also expect that all vendors close by 12pm on the 2nd to encourage patrons to leave.

Running Times

Stall holders will have access to power from 10am on the 29th of December until 12pm on the 2nd of January. If you need more time to set up and pack down please talk to the market coordinator before the event to arrange this.

Gate opening times

29th December 9am - 9pm Bump in and workers only

30th December 11am - 12am (workers from 8 am)

31st December 9am - 10pmClosed by 10pm for NYE

1st December 9am - 7pm Gates close 12pm on 2nd

Pass Outs between 11am – 4pm (NO DRIVING ON SITE OUTSIDE OF THESE TIMES) cars must be parked in day parking no access to BOH areas in cars, approved delivery vehicles only. 



Please log all deliveries with the Market Manager for the gate to radio through. Direct deliveries to use express lanes in queues to ensure faster passage into the event. 


Using local vendors 

We would encourage vendors to stock up at local providers where possible, especially for food vendors. You can stock up on beer ice or eggs, fruit, vegetables and meat. See what is in the area for a list of what shops are in surrounding towns and the market manager will provide you with a list of wholesalers. This really helps the local community and it is good to support them when they host us each year. 


Rules on what to bring and car searches  

You and your workers will be treated the same as patrons, cars will be searched on arrival. NO GLASS unless it is a glass-free event, No gas cookers, BBQs (with the exemption of food vendors carrying no more than 2 gas bottles that must be registered with us.) No driving on-site once parked. You must also comply with all rules, terms and conditions set out by the event found at

You are also not exempt from Victoria Police and they have notified us that they will be running drug bus and dog operations throughout the set-up and event live, with dog operations being conducted on the event site during bump in. 


Set up and back of house 

We are required by CFA conditions to provide spacing between stalls to reduce the risk of fire spread. We want to make sure the flow is kept through the market space and everything looks nice with décor and the back of house or vehicles covered from the patron view. Most importantly You must keep your back of house tidy and up to safety standards at all times. 

ONLY ONE WORKER CAN CAMP OR PARK BEHIND EACH STALL. All other workers must camp in the crew camping area located behind the market area. BOH must be kept clear with emergency exits. Cables must not run across the ground and you must supply cable traps, cover leads or hang them so that they are not in walkways. 


Site Positioning

It is important that you give us as much information as possible about the size and layout of your stall. This will help us to ensure that we give you enough space and the best position. Because we are still a small event the market space is kept in one central area of the festival. You will be given a number and your position marked on the map.

We do not want gaps between stalls and we need to make sure you have enough space so please be exact with the measurements needed, including the back of house. We will need a sketch of the stall layout and exact measurements of the stall and prep/storage space.



Accommodation is not supplied by event organisers. There is camping on-site available included in your industry or festival ticket in a separate crew area. We do not supply tents or bedding you will need to arrange for yourself and the staff. Only one staff member and one vehicle can park behind each stall. All other workers must camp in the crew camping area behind the market area. 


Door lists for workers

Please ensure your name and/or the name of workers under your management are uploaded and approved by the 16th of December. No name changes or add-ons can be made to door lists after this date. We are taking a stand on making a smooth door list so are serious about this! 



All staff, crew, volunteers, contractors, stall holders are required to complete the online induction. Anyone arriving before 11am on the 30th of December will also be required to complete an onsite induction before you will be permitted to enter the event site. 


Induction Times

26th – 28th of December: 8am, 12pm, 3pm, and 7pm

29th December: 8am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm

30th December: 8am, 10am

2nd of January: 12pm, 7pm


You are required to bring your own HIVIS. HIVIS and closed shoes are required to be worn at all times during set up and pack down. 


Environment Policy

Tanglewood Festival takes a lot of pride in being a sustainable event and is committed to the continual improvement of the festival’s environmental impact. 

Food and beverage stalls play an important part in ensuring the success of the recycling system and once again we will be requiring the use of biodegradable cutlery & crockery by all food & beverage vendors. At the last event we banned one-use plastic water bottles. This means you can not sell them at your stall. There are many options for water in cans now if this is something you want to sell. 

We encourage food vendors to use reusable crockery where they can and we have encouraged patrons to bring their own. You can charge a deposit for reusable crockery. Market stalls using bags must use paper bags, if you need to use straws they must be paper also. 

This means a condition of the application is that you agree to not use any plastic or styrofoam serving ware and that all packaging and cutlery are compostable. We will also expect that we can work together on reducing the waste overall in the event and will supply separate recycling for cardboard, plastic, glass, general waste and compostable items in the stall area to help achieve this.

We will also require your stall's waste management and water management plan also outlining the amounts your stall can expect for a 3-day event.


Noise Pollution

There is to be no amplified music played from your market stall. No DJs, no parties and no subwoofers are permitted out of respect for your trading and sleeping neighbors as well as considering the music coordination of the event.  Background music that can only be heard inside your market is accepted. We will do our best to bring entertainment and music to the market area to create a fun vibe. 



All market stalls are required to hold their own Public Liability policy with a minimum of $10,000,000 cover to trade. The festival policies do not cover any market stalls.


Workers Compensation 

All vendors must adhere to work cover regulations for employees over the festival dates. Please follow the link for more information


Safety Checks 

Safety checks will be carried out on the 29th and the morning of the 30th by our onsite Public Safety Officer and Market Manager. You will not be permitted to trade until you have been signed off and approved. 

You must also ensure your set-up is safe for patrons and workers even back of house. Provide training and induction for staff on where safety equipment is located, how to use it and what to do in an emergency. 

Council and work safe will also be attending throughout the event. 

It is your responsibility to provide:

  • Cable traps or cables to be covered hung or not viable on the ground surface.

  • Marquees and structures to be secured and engineered for all weather conditions. 

  • Electrical equipment to be tagged and tested and in date.

  • Lights and decor not causing hazard 

  • Exits and BOH are clear and only one person camped there. 

  • Tagged, in date fire extinguishers and signage. 

  • Fire blankets.

  • Barricades around cooking structures and generators. 

  • Gas bottles (no more than 2, must be registered on map) stored up right secured or in milk crates. 

  • No cooking facilities close to marquee walls.


If your application is accepted a full safety checklist will be sent to you outlining what the safety officer will be looking for. You must complete your own self assessment safety checklist (plus gas compliance for food vendors cooking with gas) and return it to the safety officer when they conduct  their checks on your stall. 


FOOD VENDORS MUST NOT COMMENCE WITH PREP UNTIL FOOD SAFETY STANDARDS ARE IN PLACE. Temp control, hand wash and wash up facilities, clean work spaces. 


As a triple check they will also be checking for current public liability, street trader, RSA, total fire ban permits, liquor licence etc so make sure you carry all relevant paperwork on you. 


Health & Safety Permits (only applicable to food stalls)

Health Permits must be applied for by every vendor applicant through the Murrindindi Shire Council. Details and application instructions will be provided after your initial application is approved. To acquire this permit you must:

  • Register (or become registered) with ‘Streetrader’ here

  • Hold a current $20,000,000 public liability insurance policy

  • Hold a current food handler’s certificate

  • Hold a current registration of a food premises

  • Abide by health and safety practices, including provision and utilisation of a portable hot water system and thermometer for measuring and recording temperatures.

Note: Serving food without following the correct application procedures is against the law. Any vendor that arrives without prior permission will be refused and ejected from the property if necessary.

Fire Safety and Total Fire Ban Permit

Fire Safety Conditions have become very strict for obvious regions. The below conditions will be monitored and enforced by Fire Safety authorities on site and are relevant to all vendors using equipment that involve naked flames.


Please send this to us before the 30th of November.

  • The appliance used for meal preparation is designed exclusively for that purpose and is fired by gas or electricity;

  • The ground and airspace within a distance of 3 metres of the outer perimeters of such appliance is clear of combustible material;

  • There is available at hand for immediate use AND adequate signage directing towards:

  • i) A length of hose adequate to reach the appliance connected to a reticulated water supply; or

  • ii) A water type fire extinguisher of not less than 9 litres capacity;

  • iii) A fire blanket

  • The appliance is attended by the permit holder or an employee or agent of the permit holder;

  • Provision is made to enable immediate notification of an outbreak of fire to the local Fire Brigade, a member of the Police Force or a Forest Officer;

The LPG Gas Code of Practice


The LPG Gas Code of Practice has recently been introduced and will be enforced by fire authorities on site. The document may be downloaded here to check your requirements.

In addition to the responsibilities of the individual vendor, the event itself will have much responsibility with coordinating stalls with certain numbers of cylinders as there are restrictions on how many can be on site within a vicinity of each other. You will be required to state the number of LPG cylinders that will be with you on-site (at any one time, used or unused) at the time of application.

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